Fisher Boy® Frozen Fish
Sticks Take a Bite Out of
Your Grocery Bill

It’s hard to find delicious, healthy food your kids enjoy at a price you can afford, but frozen fish sticks from Fisher Boy® fit the bill in more ways than one:

Fish Sticks
Fishin’ Poles &
Veggie Bobbers

These golden crunchy fish sticks are tasty and fun! Click here to view full recipe >>>

Affordable &

Putting together a grocery list that will satisfy your family and fit within your budget can be a challenge. An easy solution to meet your kids’ and your own needs is Fisher Boy® Frozen Fish Sticks. Kids love the golden, crunchy fish and you'll love the affordable price. Sold in six convenient packages, from 6 oz. to 64 oz., these breaded fish sticks really are “a great catch” for savings and convenience!


You’re rushing, trying to finish the last load of laundry, pick up the last toy from the floor, or wash the last dirty face from a day of playing in the yard. How can you make sure dinner is on the table on time? It's easy with Fisher Boy® Frozen Fish Sticks. You can just pop them in the oven and in 10 minutes you'll have a delicious, crunchy fish dinner that your kids will love!

Tasty & Fun

Even picky eaters like breaded fish sticks, especially when they turn crunchy. Kids like to dip them, turn them into fishing poles, make letters out of them, or turn them into swords. You don’t have to worry about them eating; something about fish sticks brings out a child’s imagination and makes eating fish fun. Fisher Boy® also offers fun recipe ideas kids love to make and eat.

Relax, Super Mom, you are doing a great job! With frozen fish sticks from Fisher Boy®, you can have a little more worry-free time. Spend it with the most important little people in your life – your kids.