Family Fun with TELLY the PELLY®

In the summer we go to Florida and hang out on beach.
Dawn G.
Murfreesboro, TN
We go to the movies and parks, family time is a great way to bond.
Karla C.
Laredo, TX
We watched all three Star Wars prequel films, in order, last night. We enjoyed Fisher Boy yummy treats all night long!
Jordan B.
Los Angeles, CA
We have the greatest fun when we go FISHING. Teaching a child to fish is very exciting. The beach or a lake and then you have a pier or a dock. The greatest excitement is to see their face when they catch a fish.
Donna L.
Lawrenceville, GA
Play games and watch movies.
Rodney K.
Waretown, NJ

Meet TELLY® the Pelican — the one and only, original Fisher Boy® Spokesbird, as
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Whether it's fun to eat, fun to do, fun to watch, to play, or to listen to, TELLY will find
it! We're sending him around the country in search of families having fun. When he
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